Whats so great about Nightmare

Looking at the evolution of IPhone software over the last few years we have seen some great innovations in the way of graphics, user input (touch screen, accelerometer usage etc), networking and audio recording/playback. But what's fascinating, is that given the awesome capabilities of this small device, only a minute percentage of the apps available are games.

Now I've been playing PC and console games since I was four. When I first got my hands on the Ipod Touch, I was hooked. I purchased every shoot'em up game I could find. Some were a bit slow and hard to pick up, others were fast and annoyingly hard to put down.

The problem I found was that the games were only lasting me an hour or so, and while you might say a couple of bucks is nothing for a full hours game-play, I was always left wanting more.

A lot of the games lacked in content, but made up for in smart graphics, which is great for first impressions but I felt that re-playability should be more of a priority when it comes to developing games.

So, with this in mind, I made the decision to develop Nightmare.

Nightmare Features:

-2 unique game modes.
-18 different achievements.
-30 Unlockable Weapons, including deployable turrets, chemical weapons and explosives.
-21 Terrifying monsters.
-4 Completely unique environments each featuring:
4 maps and an end of scene boss battle.