Game Content and Images

The game consists of two different modes, the differences between these modes are listed below:
In survival mode:

-A single round will be randomly selected and the player must battle to the death.

-Players will pickup weapons dropped by monsters in the battlefield, only weapons previously unlocked in campaign mode will be available.

-Monsters may drop power ups that may help keep the player alive.

In campaign mode:

-The player will progress through a series of levels and environments, each ending with an appropriate boss.

-At the end of each round the player will be able to purchase new weapons from the store with cash earned by defeating monsters in previous rounds.

-New weapons are able to be unlocked by either completing certain tasks or by achieving an amount of kills, score, powerups etc.

The game features 30 weapons with a select few that are initially unlocked for the players use. However campaign mode must be played to unlock the more powerful weapons.